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And Beyond With Banger Ads

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“Creative Flywheel is our go to creative agency for video.
We use multiple video agencies, but Creative Flywheel has the highest percentage of winning ads!

Nathan Hamilton
President | Juvenon

Trusted By 80+ Brands


Here Are The  Typical Results Our Creatives Yield For Clients

Case Study #1

$800k Sales From 1 Ad In 60 Days

Despite sky high CPMs in the beauty space, we found an untapped angle for this brand helping women get plumper lips at home and scaled it with multiple iterations.

$375k Spent
2.12 Return On Ad Spend
“Creative Flywheel has allowed us to increase the volume of our content creation to meaningfully scale our advertising efforts and drive incremental revenue. Their end-to-end white-glove service is a perfect fit for brands that are performance-driven with lean teams.”

Bryan Cano
VP Marketing | Nood

“This difference has been night and day.
Before working with you guys we were spending $1k/day with a $11-$12 cost per lead in the US, and then after bringing you on we’ve scaled to upwards of $10k per day. ”

Brook Hiddink
Founder | High Ticket Incubator

"The Creative Flywheel team have been an absolute dream to work with. I run a pretty niche brand which requires influencers that are hard to source, and they've been able to do that. The UGC creatives they produce are also top notch and have reduced our CPAs by a good amount. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Benjamin Tan
Founder | 8 Figure Skincare Brand

"These guys clearly know their stuff. Their creativity, execution & overall way to work is exactly what I was looking for. Most of the process has been completely done for me (even the creatives) which has been a huge bonus for a busy business owner like me. Cant imagine running ads without them."

Leevi Eerola
Founder | AgencyVelocity.io

Case Study #6

From $14,000 per month
to $200,000 per month.

Within just 3 months of creative testing, we’ve found a winning angle and 6x’ed this probiotic company’s revenue with just one product and one traffic source. Hint: most of that growth wasn’t driven by UGC.

2.52 ROAS
15x YoY Growth
"Working with Creative Flywheel provided a much needed jumpstart to our UGC needs. It's truly rare to find a content arm that uses data to assist in scaling brands. I cannot recommend them enough! They move quickly & precisely through the performance marketing ecosystem.”

John Hagan
Director Of Marketing | Soul

“Anvar and his team have mastered direct response marketing and are some of the best in the industry. Their mastery of direct response marketing and creative direction will transform the industry and they are an absolute JOY to work with.

Brendan Bannister
Co-Founder | Natura Labs

It's True!

One In Every 5 Ads We Produce Turns Into a Banger

Here are some of the recent examples

Types Of Ads We Make

Short Form UGC

Forget single-creator product review types. New age UGC is all about authenticity and presenting unquestionable proof.


One of the most overlooked types of ads....We churn out hundreds of well crafted static ads with copy variations that reach untapped audiences.

Video Sales Letters

VSLs remain unbeaten. Numerous billion dollar companies were built off the back of them, and they keep performing at scale even in saturated markets.

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"Anvar and his team are the best in the game. Ads, creatives, strategy and scale - anything that’s needed to 10x your business, Anvar and his team can handle it"

Peter Tzemis
8-Figure Offer Owner

Your Questions Answered

What's your pricing?

We charge a flat retainer + % of ad spend or profit.

Every business is different which is why we don't have one-size-fits-all packages.

Book a call to get a quote.

Who do you work with?

After working with dozens of brands and offer owners we've found that the best clients:
1.  Already have a proof of concept
2. Generate a minimum of $100k/mo in revenue
3.  Do not waste time when it comes to feedback

Do I need to pay creators too?

We handle all the costs on our end.

Where do I ship the product?

All our content creators are based in United States, Canada & United Kingdom.
You'll ship your product directly to them and we'll provide the scripts to them.

What is your average turnaround time?

Depending on the scope, from the day you pay the invoice and sign the contract - it will take about 15 business days for us to deliver the first ads.

Do you offer media buying?

We do offer a done-for-you ads management service and it's 100% performance-based. If you want us to manage and scale your paid social - you won't have to pay for creatives as the performance fee will cover them.

Still have questions?

Email us at admin@creativeflywheel.io with any other questions you have.